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Berchtold Chromophare® F300 LED Examination Lights

High performance LED examination Light

The BERCHTOLD F300 LED examination light comes from the CHROMOPHARE® F-Generation of medical lights. Using high performance LEDs this examination light can produce a light intensity of up to 55,000 Lux. The F300 provides an all-round solution for emergency rooms, anaesthetic rooms and most other investigative clinical environments.

The F300 examination light can be used in various combinations to offer the optimum solution for individual requirements. The lights are available in ceiling, wall and mobile configurations.

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Light at the right time, in the right place

For treatment and examination, the CHROMOPHARE® F 300 provides an allround solution for all emergency room, anaesthetic room and most other investigative clinical environments.

Optimal lighting

The F 300 employs highly developed optics, based on the principle of total internal reflection with an integrated Fresnel structure. This optimally directed light provides the user with a large homogenous 16 cm diameter field of light, with an excellent depth of illumination. Absence of shadows, reflections and glare ensure safe working.

Ideal colour reproduction

With a colour temperature of 4,500 K, the CHROMOPHARE® F 300 provides ‘natural white‘ light. This is both comfortable to the eye of the surgeon and allows best tissue definition.

Efficiency and power consumption

Use of the latest generation 30 watt high performance LEDs achieves high light output with minimum power requirement. Together with lifetime of at least 30,000 hours the F 300 significantly reduces running costs.